About Us

Hello I'm Pastor Lenny.  At 59 I am a truly prosperous man!  I've been blessed with a 40 year relationship with the Lord, a wonderful wife, three amazing children, two fabulous daughters- in-law, and three beautiful grand children. 

At 17 years of age God called me into full time service and after a 40 year detour He led me back to start New Life Ministry and in July of 2018 New Life Church.  I thank and praise Him for never removing His call on my life.  As long as you have breath it's never to late with our God. 

New Life Ministry and now New Life Church have been called to point the children of God to their true righteous identity, to teach biblical faith, and the blessed gospel of grace.  New Life Ministry and New Life Church provide "First Aid For The Heart of Man," teaching the body of Christ that right believing will produce right living.

Leonard Rola is lead minister of New Life Ministry and New Life Church.  Pastor Lenny holds credentials with Andrew Wommack Ministries.  He also is the co-ordinator of the first Charis Bible College in New York State located in Beacon, NY.